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Christmas Stories

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Title Created Date Author
The Christmas Shepherd December, 1983 Written by Susan M. Thigpen
The First Christmas Ever December, 1983 Written by Robert W. Olmstead
Three Generations of Christmas Memories December, 1983 Written by Ivalien Hylton Belcher
Seventy Christmases Ago December, 1985 Written by Ninevah J. Willis
The Last Christmas Tree December, 1985 Written by L. Milton Hankins
The Shirley Temple Christmas Doll December, 1985 Written by Alice J. Kinder
Christmas Back Home December, 1986 Written by Eula Golding Green
Christmas Love December, 1986 Written by Susan M. Thigpen
Day Of Preparation December, 1986 Written by Lucille C. Kent
Hardtimes Christmas December, 1986 Written by Marcia Long
I Remember Christmas December, 1986 Written by Frances T. Craig
Uncle John's Christmas Dance December, 1986 Written by William P. Swartz, Jr.
Christmas Memories of Mountain View School December, 1987 Written by Ivalien Hylton Belcher
Christmas Stockings December, 1987 Written by W. Bruce Wright
Gift From The Magi December, 1987 Written by Margaret S. Mahaffey
Hello Mr. Cardinal December, 1987 Written by Tabitha Fields
To Grandma's House We Go December, 1987 Written by Nancy Cornette Kessler
A Last and First Christmas December, 1988 Written by Deidre M. Thigpen
Christmas At Granny and Papa's December, 1988 Written by Carolyn Bertram
Christmas At Meadows Of Dan December, 1988 Written by Nancy B. Collins
Holiday Spirit December, 1988 Written by Susan M. Thigpen
Wintertime December, 1988 Written by Josephine K. Boehm
A Humorous Christmas Tradition December, 1989 Written by Susan M. Thigpen
Painted Birds and Peppermint Dreams December, 1989 Written by William Stoneberger
Santa Claus or Kris Kringle? December, 1989 Written by Ernest F. Reynolds
The Perfect Tree December, 1989 Written by Susan M. Thigpen
A Westmoreland Country Christmas December, 1991 Written by Emily P. Cary
Christmas Dawn December, 1991 Written by Bobbie Bowman Clement
Christmas Memory Long Ago December, 1991 Written by Nancy White Grub
My First Visit With Santa December, 1991 Written by David M. Williams

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