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Mountain Memories

Mountain Memories features the stories of hundreds of Blue Ridge and Appalachian old timers. Their stories offer a glimpse of the mountains of yesteryear. Many of the stories were written by people over the age of sixty and some by people over the age of ninety. The Mountain Memories section of The Mountain Laurel offers a link to a bygone era and a way of life that was unique to the Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountains of the early twentieth century.

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Title Created Date Author
Springtime In The Mountains April, 2015 Written by Barbara Taylor Woodall
Yes, You Can Go Home Again! May, 2015 Written by Wayne Easter
The Sisters May, 2015 Written by Patti Perry-Armes
This Cake is Musty May, 2015 Written by Kenneth A. Tabler
Apple Butter Time November, 2015 Written by Patti Perry-Armes

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