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Mountain Stories

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The Preacher's Fried Chicken Dinner May, 1986 Written by Thelma Wagg Smothers
A Sleepwalker's Dream - A True Story August, 1986 Written by Gene Henderson
Springs and Spouts August, 1986 Written by Ivalien Hylton Belcher
The Beauty Of Silent Compassion August, 1986 Written by Robert G. Back
And Dad Said - Lets Buy Our Groceries When We Get There September, 1986 Written by W. Bruce Wright
The String Quilt September, 1986 Written by Norma G. Cole
Generation Found October, 1986 Written by Laddie Fisher
Kaolin Clay October, 1986 Written by LaVonda S. Harris
Bone Stranger November, 1986 Written by Thomas A. Simpkins
Early Childhood Memories November, 1986 Written by Woodrow Golding
Uncle Ted and Aunt Jullie Go To A House Raising November, 1986 Written by Edith Biddex
The Game December, 1986 Written by John Hassell Yeatts
All For The Love Of Bessie Mae January, 1987 Written by Robert G. Back
Deep and Secret Places and Clear Water January, 1987 Written by Judy Odom
Old Homeplace January, 1987 Written by Naomi Dickenson Wells
What Happened One Day At School January, 1987 Written by Gene Henderson
Woodstove Memories Aren't Always Warm Ones January, 1987 Written by Barbara Crowl
A Winning Pair - Faith And Grit March, 1987 Written by Eva Hamilton
Folk Tales April, 1987 Written by Mike Ivy
The King May, 1987 Written by Kelly D. Webb
Gold In The Blue Ridge June, 1987 Written by Kelly D. Webb
Grandfather's Glory Train June, 1987 Written by Alice J. Kinder
A Sudden Summer Storm 1936 July, 1987 Written by Joseph S. Goode
A Woman's Scream July, 1987 Written by Pamela Chandler
Moonshiners July, 1987 Written by Conway Smith
The Manure Cure July, 1987 Written by Jeffrey Rowan Lockhart
That Mule And Me August, 1987 Written by John W. Stoneberger
The Bee Tree August, 1987 Written by Conway Smith
A Great Jumper September, 1987 Written by Edith T. Medley
All Signs Fail In Dry Weather September, 1987 Written by Conway Smith

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