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Christmas Morning December, 1983 Written by Hazel P. Hedrick
Imagining December, 1983 Written by Hazel P. Hedrick
A Case Of The ‘Rhymes’ January, 1984 Written by Glenna Wallace Moles
Days Gone By November, 1984 Written by Margie Bobbitt Spencer
L. Grady Burgiss - Poet Laureate Of Yadkin County, NC December, 1984 Written by Susan M. Thigpen
Woodsmoke March, 1985 Written by Bob Heafner
The Hills Are Calling Me November, 1985 Written by Lucille Thomas Muckenfuss
The Silent Singing December, 1985 Written by Steven Curtis Lance
When Santa Ran Out Of Toys December, 1985 Written by Hazel P. Hedrick
Our Southern Heritage January, 1986 Written by Nell Walters Watkins
Drinkin' Tea With Mabel February, 1986 Written by Diana J. Felts
Wild Flower February, 1986 Written by Elizabeth D. Soloman
Did You Ever... April, 1986 Written by Hazel P. Hedrick
Great Grandma April, 1986 Written by Ruth O. Brown
Nature's Paintbrush April, 1986 Written by Deloris Selinsky
To A Friend April, 1986 Written by Robert Wyrick
In Reverie July, 1986 Written by Hazel P. Hedrick
My Grandson September, 1986 Written by Roz Burger
Holiday Meal November, 1986 Written by Pearl Kell
Kiss Me Wind And Mountain Air November, 1986 Written by Henry A. Klassen
Christmas Cookies December, 1986 Written by Ruth O. Brown
My Grandpa and Me January, 1987 Written by Don Caudill
The Wolfpen Poems - Granny Frolic January, 1987 Written by James Still
Hope Is A Peach Tree Blooming February, 1987 Written by John Caldwell
The Snow Board February, 1987 Written by Ninevah J. Willis
Aunt Ruby's Quilts March, 1987 Written by Sylvia Rummel
Running The Corn April, 1987 Written by Marion J. Darracott
Arta Lockridge Nottingham Chappius - The Spirit Of Eternal Youth June, 1987 Written by Paula A. Kerns
Night Voices June, 1987 Written by Gertrude Davis
Death Notice July, 1987 Written by Gertrude Davis

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