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Happiness Is When... May, 1988 Written by Lyn Aydelette
My Mother's Domain May, 1988 Written by Lora Fleming
New River May, 1988 Written by Martin B. Keffer
Carolina Bluejay October, 1988 Written by Rod E. Nichols
Cora's Place October, 1988 Written by Robert Scott
Grandma's Quilt October, 1988 Written by Lyn Aydelette
The Mountain House October, 1988 Written by Konnie Kabboord
Moving Down The Row November, 1988 Written by Diana J. Felts
The First Kiss November, 1988 Written by Gayle G. Lin
The Pomegranate Tree November, 1988 Written by Bill Shipman
Long Time Christmas December, 1988 Written by Ninevah J. Willis
Old–Fashioned Christmas Tree December, 1988 Written by Mary Harper Sowell
The Talking Hills, An excerpt from December, 1988 Written by Hazel P. Hedrick
Wintertime Thoughts December, 1988 Written by Lyn Aydelette
Do You Remember... January, 1989 Written by Deidre M. Thigpen
Memories January, 1989 Written by Richard H. Minter
My Heart Is In The Blue Ridge January, 1989 Written by Larry G. Aaron
My Inheritance Is The Hills January, 1989 Written by Frank W. Adams
My Old Model T and Me January, 1989 Written by Carl "Skinny" Rowland
Jilted February, 1989 Written by Carl "Skinny" Rowland
Little Man February, 1989 Written by C. David Hay
Youthful Dreams February, 1989 Written by Lee Ann Hodge
Survival September, 1989 Written by Carl "Skinny" Rowland
I've Had Roses All My Life September, 1989 Written by Margaret E. Baca
Quaint Questions - A Riddle Poem October, 1989 Written by Virginia L. Kroll
The Coffee Pot October, 1989 Written by Carl "Skinny" Rowland
The Tree House October, 1989 Written by C. David Hay
Rise Above the Circumstances November, 1989 Written by J. Thorn
The Mine November, 1989 Written by Carl " Skinny" Rowland
Mother Opossum December, 1989 Written by Lyn Aydelette

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