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Tennessee Honors The "Senior Class"

By TN Department Of Tourist Development

Issue: September, 1986

Travelers over the age of 55 will find special bargains [1986] in Tennessee throughout September during the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development's month-long "Senior Class" promotion.

Tennessee Tourism Commissioner John Wade said that some 500 members of the Tennessee tourism industry are participating in the promotion between September 2 and September 30, 1986.

"Since travelers in the over-55 age group make up the primary travel market following the Labor Day holiday, the Senior Class promotion is aimed at that particular age group," Commissioner Wade said. "Senior Class participants include attractions, hotels and motels, restaurants and retail stores and shops. Each of these participants is offering a discount of at least 10 percent to travelers over the age of 55. The only requirement for travelers to obtain the special Senior Class discounts is proof of age."

A booklet listing all of the Senior Class participants throughout Tennessee and the special discounts each is offering to travelers over the age of 55 may be obtained by contacting: The Senior Class, Tennessee Department of Tourist Development, P.O. Box 23170, Nashville, Tennessee 37202 or by calling the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development at 615/741-2158.