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Latest Additions

Latest Additions to The Mountain Laurel Archive:

The stories in The Mountain Laurel Archive are sorted from the earliest edition (1983) to the latest (2015). This is done so that articles continued from one month to the next will appear in order as they were originally printed. Unfortunately, this causes the newest articles to appear at the very end of the stories listed in each category. In order to highlight the latest stories added we have created this page.

A Postcard from Mayberry - 1899

When I Am Old

Apple Butter Time

Charlotte Dawn Heafner - A Legacy of Mountain Lore

This Cake is Musty

The Sisters

Matt Burnett's Mountain Memories (Update)

Yes, You Can Go Home Again!

Mountain Mama

A Tribute to My Mother - Lavada Mae Creed Golding

Springtime In The Mountains

Front Porch Memories

Yesterday's Mountain Woman: A Legend in Her Own Time

Lo How a Rose

Puddles and Pain

I Had a Dream Last Night

Orchards and The Hollow – Backroads Tour

Pet Heaven

Coal Mine Orphans

Tribute to a Mountain Church

The Storied Queen Anne of Sidna and Bette Allen

TV Repair, Once Upon a Time

Teen-Age Queen - a Beauty Contest

How to Get a Good Nights Sleep

Mother's Pecan Pie Recipe

Alabama Adventure of a Mountain Girl

The Mountain Laurel Cookbook

Mamie Crowder Adams - Recipe for Raising Children

Sunny Side Store

An Adams by Another Name

The Insurance Man

Life in Washington DC in the 1960s

Children of the Mountains

The Mountaineer

Charley Monroe Comes to Mayberry

Mayberry - The True Story (Letter from Andy Griffith)

The Real Mayberry (Updated with photos.)

The View From The Concord Tree (Updated with great old photos)

Joe Rippey's Store

If the Hills Could Talk

Christmas at Our House

Quilt Pieces - A Christmas Story

Martin Family of Calloway, Virginia – Photos Part 1

Martin Family of Calloway, Virginia – Photos Part 2

Ode to an Agronomist

Chestnut Ridge Video

Remembering Christmas on Timbertree

Historic Blue Ridge Parkway Photos

A Back-home Christmas

Remembering the Civil War in the Blue Ridge

Mabry Mill - Mac Dale's Story

Easy Street

The Wall

A Place Remembered

Wings of the Mind - Book Review