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Tri-Area Health Clinic

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1983-2012

Issue: September, 1983

For those of you who live in this area and for those of you that are visitors and will be traveling through, we are printing some information about the Tri-Area Health Clinic. It is located about seven miles west of the Blue Ridge Parkway on highway 58 west, at Laurel Fork, Virginia. They specialize in family practice but have facilities to handle emergencies such as those requiring stitches or casts. They have the necessary equipment for stabilizing all seriously ill patients for transportation to the hospital, as well.

The Clinic has something new that would be of benefit to the public. They have installed a blood pressure and pulse machine in their lobby. It is free to the public, easy to use and anyone is welcome to its use. Along with the machine, there will be literature (free also) to tell you all about your blood pressure and charts you can take to keep a record of your blood pressure and pulse. The machine is computerized and will give you a digital read out of your pulse and blood pressure.

The Tri-Area Health Clinic is also taking a survey to see if a full time dental clinic is needed in this area. All local residents are invited to drop by and fill out a questionnaire about dental services.

For more information call (703) 389-2292 or (703) 952-2310. Their regular office hours are Monday: 8:00am - 8:00pm; Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 7:30am - 5:00pm; Wednesday: 7:30am - 12:00 noon.

For emergencies after office hours, you can call Dr. Baum at his home. The number is listed in the phone book.