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Books Available from the Historic Crab Orchard Museum

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1990

Issue: April, 1990

The following is a list of books available from the Historic Crab Orchard Museum, PO Box 12, Tazewell, Virginia 24651. We thought it would be interesting to those of you who are hunting for historic, genealogical, archeology, Native American and cookbooks from southwest Virginia. Please add $3.00 for shipping and insurance (as well as a 4.5% sales tax for Virginia residents) with your order.

[All prices are from 1990 and are shown for historical reference only.]

Old Timey Recipes, $2.75; The Crab Orchard Site, $6.00; A Guidebook To Virginia's Historical Markers, $9.95; Tazewell County Story, $1.00; Dr. Charlie, $18.95 (hardcover), $12.95 (softcover); History Of Tazewell Presbyterian Church 1851-1976, $8.95 (hardcover), $5.00 (softcover); History Of 1st Tennessee Calvary, $20.00; The War In Southwest Virginia 1861-65, $21.96; Yankee Soldiers In Virginia Valleys: Hunters Raid, $25.79; History Of Scott County, Virginia, $13.50; Sketches Of Tennessee's Pioneer Baptist Preachers, $21.95; Tazewell Christian Church 1883-1983, $4.00; Beyond Main Street, $7.50; Which Road Led To Happiness, $26.00; Charles Kilgore Of King's Mountain, $10.00; Looking Back, $10.00; Jeffersonville: A Novel, $8.80; A Frontier Murder, $4.50.

The Wild Rose Of The Cherokee, $6.00; Indian Raids And Massacres Of Southwest Virginia, $10.00; Coalminer Crossing America In A Camper (poetry), $6.00; Hootin' For Pa, $12.00; My Main Street, $9.25; From The Ridiculous To The Sublime, $3.00; Pisgah United Methodist Church Cookbook, $4.00; Pioneers On The Western Waters, $5.95; Russell County: A Confederate Breadbasket, $12.50; Sketches Of Tazewell County, Virginia, $4.00; Pseudolingolinguisticology, $1.00; Annals Of Tazewell County, Virginia From 1800-1922, $48.00; Harman Genealogy (Southern Branch) 1700-1924, $22.80; Tazewell County, $40.00; Burke's Garden Favorite Recipes, $7.00; Granny's Kitchen, $10.00; Holiday Treats From Granny's Kitchen, $7.00; A Link With The Past, A Bridge To The Future, A History Of Main St. United Methodist Church (UMC), $7.00.

Tic Toc Cafe (poetry), $1.00; True Grist Buckwheat Flour & Cornmeal Recipes, $2.50; Revolutionary Recipes, $2.50; Top O' The Day (recipes), $2.50; Greenup Witten Cecil, $45.00; David Vance And Family, $35.00; The Family Tree, $31.25; 1850 Federal Census Tazewell County, Virginia, $25.00; A History Of Elk Garden UMC 1788-1988, $10.00; 1850 Census Of Tazewell County Virginia, $15.00; 1840 & 1850 Federal Census Of Tazewell County Virginia, $15.00; Pendleton's Political History Of Appalachian Virginia, $35.00; Tall Tales Of The Devil's Apron, $14.95; History Of Tazewell County & Southwest Virginia 1748-1920, $30.00; History Of Southwest Virginia 1746-1786 Washington County 1777-1870, $40.00; Our Antiques, $19.95; An Album Of Tazewell County, Virginia, $25.00; Escape From Indian Captivity, $4.00.