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Reference Books about Wythe County, Virginia

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1990

Issue: May, 1990

[All prices are from 1990 and are shown for historical reference only and may or may not be available at the time you read this.]

The following is a list of books available from Kegley Books, P.O. Box 134, Wytheville, Virginia 24382. All of the books were written in part or in whole by Mary B. Kegley. You can also ask for a brochure that describes all of the books in more detail. If you are looking for family names, the brochure lists many of the family names that have information about them in the books. The prices of all books include postage and handling. Make checks payable to Kegley Books. Books will be autographed by Ms. Kegley upon request.

1. Early Adventurers on the Western Waters, Vol. I, in VA: $30.22, out of state: $29.00. The New River of Virginia in Pioneer Days, 1745-1800, 48 family sketches, by Mary B. Kegley and F.B. Kegley, published 1980, 456 pages, cloth bound.

2. Early Adventurers on the Western Waters, Vol. II, By Mary B. Kegley, companion book to Volume I, containing land and marriage records, lawsuits, wills, deeds, tax lists and other court records. 47 photos, 13 maps, 19 illustrations, 64 family bios and sketches. In VA: $37.53, Out of state: $36.00.

3. Kimberling Church, Wythe County Virginia: Annotated Baptismal and Cemetery Records, By Beverly Repass Hoch, Mary B. Kegley and Timothy D. Smith. 1799-1868. soft bound. In VA: $14.00, Out of state: $14.00.

4. Another Album of Wythe County, Virginia, collection of photographs and drawings, by Mary B. Kegley and W.R. Chitwood. 144 photos. In VA: $17.18, Out of state: $16.50.

5. Still Another Album of Wythe County, Virginia, 144 photos, but no duplication of previous ones. In Va: $17.18, Out of state: $16.50.

6. Tombstone Inscriptions: East End Cemetery & St. Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery, Wytheville, Va., By: W.R. Chitwood, 67 pages, paperbound. Over 2,200 inscriptions from stones erected up to 1975. Brief history and map. In VA: $10.38, Out of state: $10.00.

7. A Family Album of Wythe County, Virginia, By Mary B. Kegley, 201 photographs of people in Wythe County, most from 1880's-early 1900's. In VA: $12.42, Out of state: $11.95.

8. Glimpses of Wythe County, Virginia, Compiled by Mary B. Kegley, Short sketches on history of area mills, families, Iron furnace, Civil War, etc. Hard bound. In VA: $21.80, Out of state: $20.95.

9. Glimpses of Wythe County, Vol. 2, By Mary B. Kegley, 1988 200 pages, softbound, also includes articles by other writers. In VA: $14.54, Out of state: $14.00.

10. County Courthouses of Virginia, Old and New, By Mary Kegley Bucklen and Larrie L. Bucklen. 224 pages, 101 maps, 122 black and white photos/illustrations of present county courthouses. More than 50 photos/illus. of courthouses of the past. 10 of Va's finest in full color. In VA: $15.53, Out of state: $14.95.

11. Wythe County, Virginia, A Bicentennial History, By Mary B. Kegley. Hardbound, 549 pages, more than 200 illustrations/maps/photos. A comprehensive history of Wythe County in every aspect, lists of soldiers from every war, hundreds of individual family names mentioned. In VA: $50.03, Out of state, $48.00.