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New Genealogy Book - Wythe County, Virginia

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1991

Issue: May, 1991

"Early Settlers of Old Mount Airy, Wythe County, Virginia", a comprehensive genealogy of many of the early families to settle in the western portion of Old Wythe County, is now available to the public.

Author, Joe Cameron, of Wytheville extensively details the Cameron, Spangler, Tobler, Buck, Dutton, Kinder, Staley, Weaver, Huddle, Steffey, Etter, Foglesong, Cormany, Cassell, Snavely, Burkett, Calhoun, Crow, Gillespie, Thomas and other families found throughout the region's history.

Other families mentioned include Dalton, Gullion, Groseclose, Musser, Catron, Buchanan, Felty, Rutherford, Wampler, Kegley and Reusch.

Among the lineages are stories of interest not found on public records or elsewhere. There are also maps of early land plots near Old Mount Airy and descriptions of old home sites, old photos, baptismal records of St. Paul and Kimberling churches and cemetery records.

A native of the Kinder Valley area, Cameron has been collecting stories and research on his ancestors and their neighbors and descendants for some 40 years. He would like to hear from those whose names are included and those who may have material to add to his research.

For more information write: Joe Cameron, Rt. 4, Box 129, Wytheville, VA 24382 or call 703-228-4579.