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BACKROADS on VIDEO - Crockett's Cove, Wythe County, Virginia

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1991

Issue: August, 1991

The Laurel Foundation, in cooperation with A. L. Jones Productions, Inc., of Greensboro, North Carolina, have created what they plan to be the first of a series of video tapes exploring the back roads of Southwest Virginia.

The first video of the series, "CROCKETT'S COVE", takes the viewer on an automobile tour through Crockett's Cove, Virginia, site of a Civil War Battle. Footage of the 1990 reenactment of the Battle of the Cove are included. It tells the history of the area and shows some of the old historical houses still standing today.

The narrative includes interviews with two men whose families were involved with the history; Sam Crockett whose ancestors settled the Cove, and John Johnson, whose ancestors were slaves of the Crockett family.

There is an abundance of beautiful Blue Ridge scenery as the routes of the Union army are traced both into and out of the Cove.

Enjoy the Blue Ridge all year round by starting a collection of the BACKROADS on VIDEO series. It's the next best thing to visiting the area yourself.

"CROCKETT'S COVE" is 30 minutes in length and is available by mail order for $29.95, plus $2.50 S&H. All videos are backed by a full money back guarantee. Order from:

The Laurel Foundation
PO Box 562
Wytheville, Virginia 24382
Telephone: 703-228-7282.