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Books Available From Historic Crab Orchard Museum

By Crab Orchard Museum

Issue: February, 1986

[Update: September, 2012 - The Historic Crab Orchard Museum still offers many books for sale their new address is:
Historic Crab Orchard Museum & Pioneer Park, 3663 Crab Orchard Road, Tazewell, Virginia 24651 - Phone: (276) 988-6755]

The following books may be mail ordered. Add 4% sales tax and $2.00 postage and handling. Make check payable to Historic Crab Orchard Museum and mail to P.O. Box 12, Tazewell, VA 24651.

A Frontier Murder by Theodosia Wells Barrett, $4.50; A Guidebook To Virginia's Historical Markers published by the Virginia Historical Landmarks Board, $8.95; A History Of Main Street Methodist Church, $7.00; Charles Kilgore Of King's Mountain by Hugh M. Addington, $9.50; Escape From Indian Captivity edited by Roberta Ingles Steele and Andrew Lewis Ingles, $3.25; From The Ridiculous To The Sublime by Liz Marshall, $3.00; Harman Genealogy, Southern Branch by John Newton Harman, Sr., $22.50; History Of The First Regiment Of Tennessee Volunteer Calvary by W.R. Garter, $20.00; History Of Scott County, Virginia by Robert M. Addison, $13.50; History Of Tazewell Presbyterian Church 1851-1976, $5.00; Hootin' For Pa by Elbert C. Jewel, Sr., $12.00; Indian Raids And Massacres Of Southwest Virginia by Luther F. Addington and Emory L. Hamilton, $10.00; Jeffersonville: A Novel by Robert R. Henry, $8.50; My Main Street by Louise Leslie, $5.95; History of Tazewell County And Southwest Virginia by William C. Pendleton (1st edition), $75.00; Pioneers On The Western Waters by Theodosia Wells Barrett, $12.50; Sketches Of Tazewell County compiled by Nellie Whitt Bundy, $4.00; Tazewell County by- Louise Leslie, $35.00; The Crab Orchard Site by Howard A. MacCord, Sr. and William T. Buchanan, Jr., $5.00; The Family Tree by Mary Preston Cray, $31.25; The Horseshoe People by Dan Crowe, $8.00; The Melungeons by Bonnie Bell. $5.50; the War in Southwest Virginia 1861-65 by Gary C. Walker. $19.95; The Wild Rose Of Cherokee - Nancy Ward by E. Sterling King, $6.00; Which Road Led To Happiness by Gladys H. Williams, $26.00. Cookbooks: Granny's Kitchen by Theone L. Neel, $10.00; Old Timey Recipes collected by Phyllis Connor, $2.75.