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New Genealogy Book

By Avis Carter Turner

Issue: February, 1986

The Carter Family Tree. It is my father's family and the book has 10 generations going back to the earliest ancestor traced so far--to 1700's and Stephen Carter. Henry, Franklin, Patrick and more Virginia counties. Each generation is separated by a page of pictures. There are other pictures and sketches throughout the book--227 pages--more than 80 histories, little stories, wills, census records, drawings, sideline family branches, and poems.

Different from the usual family tree book of names and dates, it also is an "open book" -loose-leaf notebook - so that it may be expanded when another generation is added as more research is completed, old wills and deeds found, etc. Each family may personalize it with more photos, newspaper clippings and information on their immediate family.

Of particular interest is the tragic story, Henry Man Dies From Injuries Received In Aeroplane Fall in 1926 (p.65), (my grandfather).

Naturally, I'm proud of my first book, and have been told it's a good reference for anyone who wishes to collect and publish their genealogy. The book sells for $18.50 plus $2.50 postage & handling for a total of $21.00 and may be ordered from me at the address below.

(Mrs.) Avis Carter Turner
Rt. 5,Box 265
Bassett, Va. 24055