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Newbern Puts Out The Welcome Mat To Visitors

By Olde Newbern Promotional Bureau

Issue: February, 1986

At its anniversary meeting this week, held at the Valley Pike Inn, President Ann Bailey announced that representative members of the Olde Newbern Promotional Bureau have tentatively calculated their tourism statistics for 1985 to be 26,000, an increase of 30%. Last year, tourists from four foreign countries, nearly all states of the US, and from numerous counties in Virginia visited the quaint little village of Olde Newbern, originally planned in 1810 by Adam Hance and other early settlers. The linear neighborhood situated on the Wilderness Road has been designated a National Historic District, the first and only such designation in Southwest, Virginia.

During the new year's session, the Olde Newbern Promotional Bureau reviewed events of the past year and worked diligently on a Newbern Calendar of Events for 1986. The new calendar will list activities to be held in Newbern and those groups involved in New River Valley projects, with dates and hours established so far. The anticipated date of calendar distribution is March 1, 1986.

The Bureau is comprised of representatives from Olde Newbern Foundation, the Wilderness Road Regional Museum, Guess What? Dollhouse & Miniature Shop, the Valley Pike Inn, Restorations, PJ's Mercantile and Carousel Shop, and the Pulaski Chapter of the New River Historical Society. An expanded membership is expected in 1986 with various merchants and club members participating in monthly sessions.

Daily visitors and tour groups to Olde Newbern may obtain a walking tour map from the Guess What? Shop. Additional information about the first county seat of Pulaski County, Virginia, is available from Mrs. Daisy Williams (703) 674-5888 or write to Olde Newbern Promotional Bureau, P.O. Box 373, Newbern, VA 24126.