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Heart of the Blue Ridge

Climbing Trees

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1992

Issue: April, 1992

When was the last time you climbed a tree? As a child? Most children love climbing trees. You got the thrill of adventure, a lofty view of the world, the feel of wind blowing soft breezes through the branches and more.

As a child, trees were transformed into circus trapezes, homes away from home, airplanes - you name it. Who hasn't, in their youth, climbed a tree and gave their best imitation of a Tarzan yell? It was only limited to a child's imagination, which was usually pretty expansive. It wasn't limited to boys only, although people tended to call girls who climbed trees tom-boy.

People grow up. They mature. But there is always a percentage of our being that is still holding to the simple joys and pleasures of youth. Why not? There is no harm in climbing trees, only falling out of them.

Evidently there are many people who have fond memories of climbing trees and evidently there must also be many adults who still climb trees. I recently read there is an organization called Tree Climbers International. Their address is PO Box 5588, Atlanta, Georgia 30307, if you are interested in inquiring further.