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Mountain Laurel Birth Announcement

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1992

Issue: May, 1992

What could be more appropriate in the May, Mother's Day issue, than a birth announcement?

Last spring, we told you about our "resident bird." We inherited him with the building three years ago when we moved into 220 South First Street in Wytheville. Above the front door to our office, there is a board with a hole in it and that is where he lives six (or so) months of the year.

In last year's story, we mentioned it was sad that, although he came back each year, he was always alone. This year was different. When he came back, he had a mate with him. They struggled with building materials such as dried grass for a long time and finally built a nest they deemed satisfactory behind the board with a hole in it above our front door. Instead of a round nest, they have a thin, long one! (I have visions of baby birds lined up in a row.)

It wasn't long after the nest was complete that we heard tiny chirpings coming from behind the board. Yes, we have a whole family of birds now.

As you can imagine, there is some mess and inconvenience involved with having a bird nest above your front door. There are those who have said they would replace the board and get rid of it, or tear down the nest. We just can't bring ourselves to do either of those things. After all, the bird was here first and if he could persevere to build a nest in such an inconvenient place, we think he deserves to keep it. And the world will be brighter for a new set of nestlings occupying it.

So, if you come to see us, please excuse and overlook a little straw and such that may have dropped out of the nest. We try to tidy up the sidewalk under it as best we can. If you come to see us, pause for a moment outside the door and listen for the young voices.

Our door chimes are provided by Mother Nature!