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More Information about Smyth County, Virginia

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1992

Issue: July-August-September, 1992

The address of the Smyth County Historical Society is Route 1, Box 284, Chilhowie, Virginia 24319.

Contact the Smyth County Chamber of Commerce about accommodations, events, restaurants, parks and recreational facilities. Phone: 703-783-3161 or write Chamber of Commerce of Smyth County, P.O. Box 924, Marion, Virginia 24354.

The Smyth County Museum, Marion, Virginia, is located within the town of Marion on Stadium drive. Open mid-May through mid-September, Sundays from 2-5 p.m. Mrs. H.B. Eller is the curator of the museum. Her phone number is 703-783-2745, if you would like to get in touch with her about arranging a tour of the museum for groups.

We recommend you pick up a county map so that you can explore other areas of the county on your own. You can get these from the county courthouse in Marion. The phone number of the clerk of court at the courthouse is 703-783-7186.

Other area attractions you might like to visit while in Smyth County are:

• Hungry Mother State Park, Marion
• State Fish Hatchery, Marion
• Salt Park, Saltville
• Apple Festival in Chilhowie
• Mount Rogers National Recreation Area
• Old Cullop Stone Tavern, Adkins
• Appalachian Trail

You can do historical and genealogical research at the county library at 118 South Sheffey Street in Marion, in their reference section. They carry many books of local significance. You can have copies made at the library of information you wish to take with you. Phone 703-783-2323.

If you are a camper, there are campgrounds at Hungry Mother State Park, Mount Rogers National Recreation Area, Interstate Campground (RV camping) and more. The Chamber of Commerce should be able to send information on camping.

The phone number for Mount Rogers National Recreation Area is 703-783-5196. Hungry Mother State Park is 703-783-3422.