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Waiting For Spring

By Deidre M. Thigpen © 1996

Issue: Spring, 1996

It is a little hard to think about Spring with two feet of fresh snow on the ground. Yet it was even harder a few weeks ago when Mother Nature gave us three feet. I believe everyone, including kids, are just about ready for the big thaw.

My first hint that Spring might really exist was my flower catalogs arriving in the mail. I always go crazy with the first one that arrives. I linger over each page, savoring the bright colors. I circle all of the ones I like best on each page and then at the end of the catalog I have to make myself narrow down my choices to four selections.

I know this doesn't sound like a lot, but when you consider I get about seven different catalogs, well, it can add up. Plus, I am a flower junkie! I love to plant and care for them and fill my house with cuttings from my own yard. So, when I see a flower I don't have in my garden - I have to have it.

This year is worse than others. I just moved into a new house and it doesn't have a flower garden! This year I have really gone crazy on the flowers for my new garden. In my first catalog alone, I know I ordered at least fifteen different types of flowers.

Now comes the agonizing wait for my precious bulbs and seeds to arrive. I just hope that the snow is gone when they come so that I can plant them. I already have the shape of my different beds in mind with the different paths that run through them. In my head it looks like an English or Victorian garden, how it turns out - well, that remains to be seen.

I honestly can't remember everything that I ordered, but I can envision the wonderful colors in my yard this Spring. When those blooms start to fade out the Summer flowers will start to appear and then my Fall flowers after that. Hopefully I ordered enough to cover all of my favorite seasons. If not, I guess I can always go to the local nursery for more.

Who knows, this year I may even start an herb garden. That will take some planning though. Should I put the Sweet Basil near the dill or sage or tarragon? I wonder if I can get enough decent size rocks to make a good border for it like the one we had when I was growing up? This will at least give me something to think about while I wait for that blasted snow to melt.

I just hope Spring gets here soon!