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Heart of the Blue Ridge

Lou and the June Bug

By Bobbie Bowman Clement © 1996

Issue: Summer, 1996

In the early 1940's, my sister Lou and I were sent to stay at Grandma's for a few days, Mom was sick. Grandma lived on the side of the mountain, near a branch where we could play and swing on the grape vines. Our cousins greeted us and not having toys to play with, you figured out something to keep you busy. The boys thought flying June Bugs would be great.

Lou got a long twine string and caught a June bug and tied it by its back leg. Boy, it buzzed and flew, like an airplane. When it landed a chicken grabbed it and Lou chased the chicken around the house and finally caught it. It gave out an awful squawk and Grandma came running. She scolded Lou for trying to kill the chicken and made her let it go. It ran with Lou behind it throwing rocks. It finally got away, so we turned to the branch to swing and hunt crawdads till supper time.