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Sylvatus, Virginia - A History

By Sylvatus Ruritan Club

Issue: February, 1986

A Fourth of July gathering in downtown Sylvatus, Virginia, circa 1907.A Fourth of July gathering in downtown Sylvatus, Virginia, circa 1907.SYLVATUS: A HISTORY is a book that has been published by the Sylvatus Ruritan Club and is now available to the public.

There is so much more to this small community in Carroll County, Virginia, located on state route 100, than meets the eye. This long awaited book depicts, via many old photographs and written history, the early years of the once booming town of Sylvatus. Comprised of 72 pages, this book will be a valued addition to personal libraries, collectors, history buffs and the general public.

The book covers the early days of the Betty Baker Mine area, the Sylvatus Light & Power Company, Buckwheat College, the Bank, the train station, pop factory, the Odd Fellows Hall, and much more.

Sylvatus, Virginia train depot.Sylvatus, Virginia train depot.

Many old photographs and historical information were contributed by local residents, without whose help, this book would not have been possible. We all appreciate their efforts to help preserve this history.

The book can be purchased for $8.25 plus tax at Herb's Grocery, Route 100, Sylvatus or through the mail by sending $8.58 plus $2.00 postage and handling to: Sylvatus Ruritan Club Route 4 Hillsville, VA 24343.

Soft drinks bottled in Sylvatus, Virginia.Soft drinks bottled in Sylvatus, Virginia.