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Heart of the Blue Ridge

Youthful Dreams

By Lee Ann Hodge © 1989

Issue: February, 1989

I dreamed last night that I was young
Oh what a sight to see,
I saw things from the past –
The way they used to be.

I climbed up mountains tall and green
And ran barefoot through the sand,
Saw friends I hadn't seen in years...
And held my hand.

I took a dream vacation
And it didn't cost a dime,
What a pleasure it was for me...
To go back again in time.

I saw relatives that have long been gone
Heard my grandmother calling me,
What a treat to spend some time...
In the past of my memory.

I saw us at the dinner table
Heard my father saying Grace,
Saw my sisters as children again...
And visited the old home place.

Leaves from the past came falling
From the oak tree in the yard,
I saw scenes from my childhood...
That looked like a greeting card.

Oh, what I'd give if I could go back –
If only for an hour or two,
And spend some time in the days of my youth...
When all my dreams were new.