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The Coffee Pot

By Carl "Skinny" Rowland © 1989

Issue: October, 1989

Now up here in the mountains,
it is just as like as not,
if the heater stove is burning,
the coffee pot is hot.

How many times I've heard the words,
"the cups are on the shelf',
"the spoons are in the drawer there,
pour a coffee for yourself'.

Then they offer you some cookies,
or fresh banana bread,
and ask you if you'd rather wait,
to eat supper there instead.

Of all the old traditions,
this one is the best,
kept alive for many years,
since the settling of the west.

It is a sign of friendship,
and a way to let you know,
that the feelings aren't just in their home,
but with you where you go.

A way to say without words,
that you are welcome there,
a way of saying come again,
and that they really care.

Now on a cold and dreary day,
the coffee hits the spot,
but a lot of goodwill is passed on
with that old black coffee pot.

"Skinny Rowland is a cowboy poet from Helena, Montana. He invites people to write to him and let him know how you like his poetry. He also has a 45 page book of his poetry, "Truth, Lies & Otherwise" for sale. The last we heard from him, he had bought a small printing press and is doing greeting cards also. You can write to him at:

Skinny Rowland
1002 Breckenridge
Helena, Montana 59601