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Heart of the Blue Ridge

The Winding Road

By Frank W. Adams © 1990

Issue: February, 1990

Once I saw a winding road
That beckoned me to come
To see some gorgeous views
And leave the town I'm from.

I wanted with great eagerness
To see beyond the curve;
And so I entered speedily
And catered to my urge.

Some views were pretty to my eyes;
So I got quite a thrill
And wondered with delight
What lay beyond the hill.

Then my footsteps slackened;
Fatigue had slowed my strides.
I thought I'd seen so many things -
What else was left besides?

And then I did a curious thing;
For I turned right around
And made a beeline backwards,
Straight to my home town

Where the lights go out at ten
And friends know when I'm late.
There I regained my zest for life.
I found my town is great!