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Heart of the Blue Ridge

The Road to Town

By Carl "Skinny" Rowland © 1990

Issue: January, 1990

Now that old road out to the ranch,
it needs a little repair,
it has some ruts along the way,
and a pothole here and there.

Now a time or two while riding,
I couldn't tell which was which,
so I picked out the better part,
and rode home in the ditch.

Well then the road was better,
and now it's worse of course,
the last time I tried to use it,
I high centered my doggone horse.

Now the preacher came to visit,
but somewheres along the way,
he jumped in time to save his life,
but that road sucked up his shay.

The sheriff lost his buckboard,
and the doctor lost his surrey,
my wife has gone and not returned,
so my team is cause for worry.

Last week a dun for taxes,
so I told them not to fret it,
but just to hook a buggy up,
and come on out and get it.

So now this week a ranger came,
along with a federal inspector,
looking for a horse and rig,
and a missing tax collector.

Well even then considering things,
it was time to fix that road,
and put some gravel here and there,
at least a wheelbarrow load.

But I've postponed that chore now,
there is a more convenient day,
my mother in law just sent a wire,
she's planning to come and stay.