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The Mail Box - September, 1983

Issue: September, 1983

Dear Mountain Laurel,

Your June issue literally jumped at me in a local drug store a few days ago… My family is originally from Eastern Kentucky but moved to Florida when I was a young girl. I remember visiting my parents friends, the Gillam family in Wise, Virginia and although I was very young, the countryside and friendly people made a lasting impression. I haven't been there in many, many years but I would love to be able to show it off to my own children and husband, and through your paper, I'll be able to give them a good idea of what to expect. Thank you for a wonderful evening of reading and reminiscing.

Please find enclosed a subscription request for me and one for my parents.


J. Marchio
Rockledge, Florida

Dear Susan,

The media of today seems to be concerned almost totally with foreign wars, star wars, space stories and the marvels of computers. Thank Heaven you and The Mountain Laurel have found a reading audience of many thousands who are more interested in what happened to us poor old mountaineers around the turn of the century. We were the forgotten people until you came along.

In my brief encounter with you, I found you to be a very charming personality. But a large part of that charm comes from your complete devotion to portraying the life of our mountain people as a beautiful and timeless heritage.


J. Wayne Blackard
Roanoke, Va.

Dear Editor:

My wife and I were pleasantly surprised to discover your paper on a recent trip to Winston-Salem, N.C. (Crown Pharmacy in Hanes Mall).

We have loved the Blue Ridge Parkway for years, have driven the entire length and camped at almost every campground numerous times. The Rocky Knob/Mabry Mill area is one of our favorite sections and after reading "THE MAN WHO MOVED A MOUNTAIN" and touring many Backroads of Floyd County, your "Backroads" article in the June issue looks very interesting. We plan to take the described tour on our next trip into the area. My check for a years subscription is enclosed.


S.S. Perry
Indian Trail, N.C.

Dear Editor,

While playing golf in Wytheville last week end I stopped at Fancy Gap on the way back to Norfolk. There I picked up my first Mountain Laurel paper. My roots are deep in Mayberry. As a boy of 7 or 8, I walked to Mayberry Store many times. Have a father and sister, plus many relatives buried in Spangler cemetery there. My cousin and I carried corn to Mabry Mill on a mule to be ground. Sure is nice to read your paper.


E.O. Spangler
Norfolk, Va.