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The Mail Box - April, 1988

Issue: April, 1988

Dear Mountain Laurel,
I have enclosed a money order for my renewal and the two Laurel Library collections.

Thank you so much for The Mountain Laurel. It brings back wonderful memories of our travels in Virginia. In June of 1987 we went looking for Brother Bob Childress' Slate Mountain Church and there we met Judy Wood who told us that Mr. and Mrs. Hylton, down the road, had more information about the church.

I spent a pleasant half hour talking with Mr. Hylton who tried to give me his big orange cat, and even I, a stranger, could see by the twinkle in his eye that he wouldn't part with that cat for all the world.

When I saw the August issue with the story about Paul and Lillie Hylton it brought back memories of that very special summer day, and for this I thank you.

Yours truly from Canada

E. Fisher
Ontario, Canada

Dear Mountain Laurel,
This [subscription] is for my sister. We grew up in that beautiful mountain side from Galax, Virginia to Mount Airy, North Carolina in the 1930's. We know about living in two rooms, fireplace and cook stove for heat and walking to one room schools. I guess I didn't like it too well then, but money couldn't buy my memories. I love every one of them, I just wish my two boys could know the love that took place with those mountain people for each other.

Please keep printing this paper. It is my happy day when I open the mailbox and see your paper.

Love to all of you,

L. O. Hooker
Williamsburg, Virginia

Dear Susan,
My sister-in-law picked up my first Mountain Laurel at Sky City in Statesville. I sure enjoy reading it.

As I am a country girl, I like mountain people. They are just different from anybody else in the world; so friendly and kind and God loving people.

Thanks so much for publishing The Mountain Laurel.

R. Clanton
Statesville, North Carolina

Dear Mountain Laurel,
Enclosed is a check for our renewal and Collection #2 of the Laurel Library. It is a joy to read of the old days.

We were in your area in October. The fall leaves were a beauty to enjoy.

Our lovely daughter has lived in Mount Airy, North Carolina for the last eight years with her family.

My ancestry on my mother's side "The Duggans and Allens" homesteaded what is now known as Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Many of the "Duggans" live there yet. The homestead still stands and is over 200 years old.

Thank you for keeping old memories alive.

Z. & J. Gregory
Ninnekah, Oklahoma

Dear Mountain Laurel,
Enclosed is my check to renew my subscription to your wonderful paper, as I don't want to miss a one. I am 76 years old and my dad came from over in Patrick County. His name is Preston Tarrellas and I have often heard him speak of different places you write about in your paper. He was a young boy when his Dad moved over here in Pulaski County. In my teenage days he would often drive back over in that section of the state just to look around.

I hope you can write more about quilt making and add a few patterns the old ladies used back in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I love the mountains, guess you could say I live in the foot hills of this wonderful mountain here at Hiwassee, Virginia in Pulaski County.

Please keep up the good work, for this is the best paper I get.

Many thanks,

M. J. Viers
Hiwassee, Virginia

Dear Sirs,
I want to say how much we enjoy The Mountain Laurel. We look forward to it each month. My husband grew up in the mountains of western North Carolina, and is now a shut-in, so it is especially (SPECIAL) to him each month. I want to say though, that I miss the "Mountain Recipe." I hope you can have more of them in 1988.

Many thanks for a job well done.

Mrs. L. J. Drake
Yanceyville, North Carolina

Dear Susan,
I've never thanked you for sending the information packet on the area there and for helping to make our three day "mountain reunion" such a pleasant one. Fifteen of our family came from four states, meeting at Rocky Knob campground and taking up three campsites (tent camping) and two motel rooms (for the older ones who are not so rugged as we once were). There were four from Florida, two from North Carolina, one from Georgia and eight from Ohio. As the saying goes, "A good time was had by all."

In one of your earlier editions of The Mountain Laurel, you made a statement "you can not love a place more than I love this one" and that expresses my sentiments of The Mountain Laurel Country!

Again, thanks for the help. Some of us will see you again this fall. We wish you all many years of continued success with your homey newspaper. We love you!

D. Williams
Athens, Ohio

Dear Mountain Laurel,
I can't tell you in words how I enjoy your paper. I wish it was larger. I sure do enjoy reading it. I sure do wish I could come to your mountains. I am 64 years old and don't have much of a way to travel. I come along back in those hard times too. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for such a nice paper,

M. Poteat
Blackstone, Virginia

Dear Susan,
My husband and I are fascinated with The Mountain Laurel and all of it's treasures.

Because of The Mountain Laurel we'll likely spend the holidays going up 221! I am an artist and will enjoy recording in water colors.


S. White
Granite Falls, North Carolina

Dear Ms. Thigpen,
I enjoy reading The Mountain Laurel so much! When I receive a copy each month, I can't put it down until I've read it through.

I enjoy the Ghost Stories and all the stories of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Thanks to you and all of your staff for a wonderful paper. Good luck to all of you!

Thanks again,

M. A. Ayers
Lexington, Virginia