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The Mail Box - December, 1988

Issue: December, 1988

Dear Mountain Laurel,
I am a happy subscriber to your paper. It is the most entertaining paper I ever saw. I want to buy a subscription for a friend who moved to North Carolina from Massachusetts last August. I showed her my paper and she liked it. This is my - "welcome to North Carolina" gift to her. I am enclosing a check and her name and address. Thank you so much.

A. Cox
Walnut Cove, North Carolina

To Charlotte Heafner, Circulation Manager,
The reason I'm writing is my mother bought The Mountain Laurel paper for the longest time, then all at once she couldn't find the paper anywhere. She thought maybe it wasn't being published anymore. She really enjoyed reading it, so I'm writing to see if it is still in circulation and if so, could you send me information on how much a subscription would cost. I would like to send it to Mom as a gift.

Thank you,
A. Hines
Hickory, North Carolina

Dear Readers,
We have heard from several readers who missed the issue explaining The Mountain Laurel is now sold by subscription only. We realize this has been a little confusing to the readers who were used to buying it in stores, and apologize for that. The good news is that you can subscribe, have it delivered to your mailbox and save money over the individual copy price!

Charlotte Heafner

Dear Laurel Foundation,
Please rush me the two Laurel Collections advertised in the November '88 edition. If this gets here in time for Christmas, it will make a great present for my dad who loves The Mountain Laurel. We're so glad it's back in publication again. I hope it continues for a long time. Thanks for a great paper and thanks for the collections which I'll be looking for.

M. Spainhour
Lewisville, North Carolina

Dear Sirs,
Please find check enclosed for the collections 1 and 2, "Laurel Library". We enjoy the paper very much and looking forward to receiving the collections soon.

J. Thorn
Covington, Georgia
P.S. A very merry Christmas to each of you.

Dear Editor,
I am sending six subscriptions as Christmas gifts. My daughter has been bringing her papers over and I really enjoy reading them. The grandchildren love the ghost stories. Keep up the good works and God bless you and family at this Christmas.

Mrs. E. Spencer
Max Meadows, Virginia

Enclosed is my personal check and appreciation for new subscriptions. I would appreciate your processing the subscriptions for Christmas, if possible. I know my friends will enjoy The Mountain Laurel, as I have, over the years.

Thank you for past favors and courtesies. Have a nice Christmas and a good New Year.

Keep up the good work,

E.S. Cornett
Elk Creek, Virginia