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The Mail Box - January, 1989

Issue: January, 1989

Dear Sir,
Please send me your Laurel Library Number 2.

I love The Mountain Laurel and I read it from cover to cover then I pass it on to my daughters to "learn" what mountain life was like. It's the greatest little paper anywhere!

God Bless,

D. M. Testerman
Collinsville, Virginia

Dear Mountain Laurel,
I would like to subscribe to The Mountain Laurel. Enclosed is a check for a two year subscription.

I recently read a back issue and truly enjoyed it.

My grandfather, the late Solomon West, a son of the late Charles and Cora Hylton West, moved from Meadows of Dan, Virginia to West Virginia when he was a young man, so I find the material in your publication interesting.

Thank you,
E. W. Ash
Union, West Virginia

Dear Susan,
I was born and raised in Marion, North Carolina in the early 1930's. My dad came home with a record for the R. C. A. Victor. The song was about the Allens and the Hillsville Courthouse Tragedy. I cannot remember the exact words only this much

"He mounted to the bar with his pistol in his hand and sent Judge (?) to the Promised Land. The sheriff then saw he was in a mighty bad place, The mountaineer was staring him right in the face. He turned to the window then he said, In just a minute Lord we'll all be dead."

I would like to get the words to this song, also is there a book on the Allens in print?

I think that Sidna Allen may have been one of the principles in the song.

Robert B. Elliott
Box 1006
Pasadina, MD 21122

Dear Mr. Elliott,
You can purchase a book on the Hillsville Courthouse tragedy and the Sidna Allen Family in Hillsville, Virginia at Ben Franklin's for $4.99 and at Carroll Drugs for $5.00 plus tax.

Susan Thigpen, Editor

Dear Susan,
I enjoy The Mountain Laurel very much.

I would like to receive picture post cards of the Court Houses of our great land from your readers.

Thank you for what you do.

J.A. Sexton
Rt.3, Box 195
Independence, VA 24348

Dear Readers,
If you have a Father or Mother's Day story, we would be happy to read and consider them for publication in The Mountain Laurel in the May and June issues.

Also, we are always looking for Christmas stories.

Thank you,
Susan Thigpen, Editor

Dear Friends,
I have enjoyed reading your journal on each occasion that I have had access to it. I would be most grateful if you would start my subscription to The Mountain Laurel as well as this gift subscription to my father.

Thank you very much for your service, and continued success with your publication.

J. K. King
Fort Huachuca, Arizona

Dear Friends,
Enclosed please find a check for two copies of the BACKROADS TOURS and one copy of MOUNTAIN MEMORIES.

My Mama and Daddy gave me a subscription to The Mountain laurel and I enjoy it so much, especially the BACKROADS.

Mrs. J. R. Burge
Roanoke, Virginia

Dear Susan,
Many, many thanks to all of you for the love and hard work you put into a most enjoyable publication, The Mountain Laurel, and the Laurel Library publications.

We enjoy and appreciate them all so very much. We hope to come by and see you one of these days.

Keep up the good work and may God richly bless you and yours with health, happiness and success.

Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Austin
Galax, Virginia