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The Mail Box - October, 1989

Issue: October, 1989

Dear Mrs. Thigpen,
We were so happy to receive our Mountain Laurel again. We had really missed it, but I know there must be a good reason why we weren't receiving it. My husband's family was from the Hillsville area and I have been there to see the place. I am working on the family history and all the stories are interesting.

I have gotten the Backroads Collection and now I want to get the Special Mountain Memories. We will be looking forward to receiving them. In fact, I would like to have one for a gift for a friend. So please make it two Collection No. 2's.

Thank you so much for all the pleasure we have had from your paper since we found it.

Sincerely yours,
Mr. & Mrs. L Warf
Newport News, Virginia

Dear Mountain Laurel,
I would like to subscribe to The Mountain Laurel. Enclosed is my ten dollars.

Thank you,
J. James
Albertville, Alabama

Dear Susan,
I'm so glad your Mountain Laurel is coming again. I've missed it. My address has changed so please send my papers here.

Good luck in the future.

S. Melton
Independence, Virginia

Mountain Laurel:
I am enclosing a check for my one year renewal to your delightful newspaper. I was so glad to get my last copy, as I had really missed it.

R. Reavis
Salisbury North Carolina

Dear Mountain Laurel,
I do home nursing in a home that receives The Mountain Laurel. I have enjoyed it as much as the people who live there do!

One of my favorite pastimes is riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I have often wondered where all the roads and little towns nearby lead to and just what one would find. I look forward to some adventure on your Backroads Tours section.

Please send me a subscription for one year.

J. Powell
Clemmons, North Carolina

Dear Mountain Laurel,
Welcome back, old friend!

We've missed you very much. We would like to share your wonderful publication with a friend in South Carolina who is under the weather right now.

Anyone who grew up before, during, or after the Great Depression can relate to the stories told here. We also enjoy the humorous stories, truth can be stranger that fiction!

Please start his subscription with the September issue. I've just finished reading it and loved it.

Thank you,
P. Mize
Stuart, Virginia

Dear Susan,
Was so happy to see The Mountain Laurel in my mailbox again. It is a very nice paper and being an "old timer" myself, I enjoy the interesting articles.

I ordered and read the book by Hazel Hedrick, "The Talking Hills". It is certainly worth what it costs and reminded me so much of my childhood and "growing up" days.

I would like to read the "Special Mountain Memories" and am ordering it.

Keep up the good work. We'll all be waiting for the next issue of The Mountain Laurel.

Thanks and God Bless,

N. Wells
Big Stone Gap, Virginia

Dear Editor,
I'm so happy to know that you are back in circulation. I realize that you have had many problems and have overcome them. I admire you and your work.

I believe Ferrum College was playing our West Virginia Wesleyan College in football last week.

I love the mountains and the good folks that live among them, both in Virginia and West Virginia.

I lived in Virginia for a time when I was much younger.

Maybe I will get to visit you someday. Best Wishes in all you do.

M. B. Hardman
Rock Cave, West Virginia

Dear Sirs,
I was extremely pleased to receive the latest copy of The Mountain laurel recently. After many months of missing such an interesting publication, it's like a breath of fresh air to be able to read it again. Good luck in your new location.

Enclosed find check for one copy each of your Special Backroads and Special Mountain Memories as advertised in your publication.

Thank you,
M.V. Bowman
Campbellsville, Kentucky

Dear Susan, Bob or Charlotte,

Please send me one copy each of your special Backroads collection and Mountain Memories collection.

I've been a long time subscriber to The Mountain Laurel and are pleased to see you publishing again. Keep up the good work! We all appreciate your efforts.

You need to advise Wm. Axley Allen that Ulster is one of the four ancient provinces of Ireland, not a city. The largest cities in Ulster are Belfast and Deny.

G.T. Evans
Cary, North Carolina

Dear Mr. Evans:
Thank you for pointing out this error. Many readers have commented about "The Border" series which began last month, however, all other comments were regarding the term "Scotch-Irish." It seems that many of our readers, like me, had assumed that their ancestors were a mixture of Scotch and Irish rather than Scots living in Ireland.

Thank you
Wm. Axley Allen

Dear Readers:
The printing and distribution of this publication is subsidized by the purchasers of advertising space as displayed herein. Without their support this publication could not exist and we wish to express our appreciation of their loyal participation.

We hope those who enjoy and participate in this worthwhile endeavor to preserve mountain memories will express their appreciation by supporting these businesses with their patronage wherever possible, and please let them know you saw their ad in The Mountain Laurel.

The role this publication plays fills a void for those of us who wish for, or remember, a simpler time. By sharing the heritage and cultural characteristics of our region with a nationwide audience each month, we hope to revive the memories of day to day history and provide an insight into the character of the people that were born of this region.

These people, whether they chose to stay in the Blue Ridge or move to parts unknown, have the imprint of the character and integrity of those "mountain born and bred."

The Blue Ridge was the first frontier of America and these people and their descendants were among the first pioneers and all that came after them were influenced, to some extent, by their triumphs and sacrifices.

The heroes of yesteryear and two hundred yesteryears ago may be remembered a little bit longer due to the combined efforts of the subscribers, advertisers and staff who are related only by our love for this area and it's heritage.

Thank you for making this effort possible.