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The Mail Box - February, 1990

Issue: February, 1990

Dear Susan,
In the Dec. 1989 issue is a story by Lois McGrady Thorn. She is my mother's first cousin. We have tried for years to contact her, but couldn't even get her address. Her father and my grandma, Ruth (McGrady) Terry, were brother and sister.

I'm working on the McGrady family tree and Lois's link of the tree was missing. We were not aware that she had married again.

Is there anyway I could get her address from you, as I could contact her? It would mean so much to all our family if we could contact her.

I love your Mountain Laurel. I have all the copies except the first one.

Mrs. Joseph C. Shelor
Rt. 2, Box 242
Meadows of Dan, Virginia 24120

Dear Readers,
It is a wonderful thing to see families reunited and it makes us happy to think we have been a part of it. I am printing Mrs. Shelor's letter in case there are other McGradys who might like to get in touch with her.

Susan Thigpen, Editor

Dear Ms. Thigpen,
Enclosed are two subscriptions I am ordering as gifts. One to my son, the renewal for my sister-in-law, who has enjoyed it in the past. I have subscribed to it five years. I have every copy, rereading them when I have a chance.

I love the Blue Ridge. I visit every chance I have. My son and his wife also make trips as often as possible to that marvelous part of our state. Thank you for giving us a chance to indulge in such a pleasure as reading these wise, witty recollections.

Thank you again,

E. Reynolds
Blair, Virginia

Dear Mountain Laurel,
Enjoy The Mountain Laurel so much. It's always good to take a trip back in time to compare how different we live. I grew up in those times and know first hand how hard it was to survive. Some things I'd like to have back - love for the neighbors when we had those long "chatty" times by a good fire and the games we used to play.

Good luck, God bless.

E. Lowe
Low Gap, North Carolina

Dear Susan:
In my Sept 1989 issue of the Mountain Laurel, page 3, in an article by Max S. Thomas titled "Sport and Molly" it is stated that in September, the subject Sport gathered Ginseng. Please advise whether Ginseng is available in any general store or drug store in the Blue Ridge area to your knowledge.

Dear Readers,
Unfortunately we couldn't read the name on the above postcard, but it was postmarked Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Ginseng is on the endangered species plant list, so there is only a limited time period each year that it is legal to hunt it. You can usually find ginseng in various forms, in health and natural food stores in the Blue Ridge and elsewhere.

Susan Thigpen, Editor

Dear Editor,
Enclosed is my check for two year's renewal. I was so glad to start getting The Mountain Laurel again. My husband and I love all the stories.

We are from Grayson County [Virginia] and we like going down the Blue Ridge Parkway camping, and Rocky Knob in Floyd is one of our special places.

So keep the good work up. Thanks again.

M. Weaver
Mitchells, Virginia

Susan Thigpen, Editor
We enjoy The Mountain Laurel very much. You are doing a great job and we appreciate it. We would like to send a gift subscription and enclose check for same. Please send the back issues starting with September 1989.

Thank you,

R. B. Gilbert
Charlotte, North Carolina

Dear Editor,
I am enclosing a check to renew our subscription to Mountain Laurel. My husband can't see too well and I read about all the paper to him. We took a trip the first of November and was close to Wytheville and on down into North Carolina. Two of our daughters live in N.C.

If any of the readers of the paper know anyone that has the words to the old folk song, "Barbara Allen," I would love to hear from them. My mother used to know the song and I have always wanted to find the words. Hoping to hear from someone.

Mrs. Birten Tharp
Box 122
Pickens, West Virginia 26230

Dear Mountain Laurel,
I enjoy The Mountain Laurel very much. I was born in Surry County [North Carolina] in 1915. So many of articles are of much interest to me, I read it from cover to cover.

Do hope you all keep up the good work.

M.R. Haire
Shannon, North Carolina

Mt. Laurel,
Enclosed is my check to renew my subscription. I am not sending the order form. I do not want to cut either of our copies of The Mountain Laurel. I am keeping them for future reading by our children. They will be a part of their inheritance.

I have a friend who I think would enjoy a copy of The Mountain Laurel.


Mrs. M. C. Cockrum
Lexington, North Carolina

Dear Readers,
We are happy to send a complimentary copy of The Mountain Laurel to a friend or relative with each new or renewal subscription.

Susan Thigpen, Editor