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The Mail Box - May, 1990

Issue: May, 1990

Dear Susan,
Enclosed my renewal fee.

I'm looking forward to your tour of Crockett's Cove as my father was raised there and four generations before him - and one of my grandma's was a Crockett. Though I lived in Pulaski 19 years, until my marriage, I never got to see the Cove.

Your paper is a reminder of how things were back in the 20's. The sugar cookie recipe last month brought back a flood of memories. To her grandchildren my mother was Mammaw and she made sugar cookies like those - and her name was Clara like the one who sent the recipe.

Keep up the good work,

M.H. Dudley
Wilmington, North CArolina

PS. Grandpa's name was Thomas Jefferson Halsey and there's many Halseys in Southwest Virginia. The one I'm sending a complimentary copy to lived in Virginia as her father worked on the Blue Ridge Parkway from Grottos, Va to Asheville. She loves visiting the mountains.

Dear Susan,
I have enclosed a check for a two year renewal subscription of The Mountain Laurel. I have truly enjoyed reading each and every edition that I have received in the past two years and certainly look forward to the next two years.

You have done a terrific job. I know the hard work which is involved to put out a monthly newspaper as I work on one myself each month. Keep up the good work. You are bringing much warmth to the hearts of Many!

Thank you,

S. Stetson
Vero Beach, Florida

To whom it may concern:
Recently I ran across your paper and really enjoyed it. I would like to become a subscriber if you would please send me the information I need to become a subscriber.

It was the most charming paper I have ever read. Also, do you take poems from just your readers? Thank you very much and I will be waiting to hear from you.

J. Parton

Dear Readers,
The Mountain Laurel reads everything submitted to us for consideration to be published, whether it is from a reader or not. We do accept poetry, but are only able to print a very few per issue. All of the poetry we print is traditional, rhyming, and has a Blue Ridge Mountain theme to it.

Susan Thigpen, Editor

Dear Editor,
I really enjoy The Mountain Laurel and wouldn't miss a single copy. When I finish reading my copy I send it on to my son in Santa Rosa, California. He enjoys it so much and "drinks in" every word.

I am enclosing a check for a gift subscription for my sister-in-law.

J.B. Norman
Woodlawn, Virginia

To Susan Thigpen,
Happy 7th Anniversary and may you have many, many more. Yes, I remember your first paper typed. But it was just as good back then as it is now. Don't change a thing. Keep up the good work. I really look forward to the first of the month, getting my Mountain Laurel. It's just like you are there, visiting with them.

M. Jones
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Dear Editor,
Enclosed is check for one year renewal. I enjoy your Mountain Laurel so much because I was raised up in the Meadows of Dan vicinity and attended Mountain View Church in the twenty's. I am a first cousin of Addie Wood (Mayberry Trading Post). In my growing up years I was in her parents home, Aunt Mary and Uncle Tom Wood, which I enjoyed so much. Your stories bring back many memories of relatives and dear friends. Thank you for so much enjoyment in reading your paper. Keep up the good work.

R.H. Wood
Poneto, Indiana

Dear Editor,
Please renew my subscription to The Mountain Laurel. I read the paper from cover to cover, soon as I receive it.

I save the paper for my sister. She enjoys it much as I do. We really like the stories about the Blue Ridge. Our Daddy used to have a covered wagon and hauled apples, chestnuts and cabbage from the mountains. He also would come home with new horses he traded for. We were little children and we enjoyed all the tales he related to us about his adventures camping in the wagon.

Keep up the good works with your paper and thanks for happy memories.

G. Montgomery
Reidsville, North Carolina

Dear Sirs:
I would like to receive The Mountain Laurel for one year.

The Mountain Laurel is so interesting. You really capture a lot of feelings with the stories and expressions in this paper. I read The Mountain Laurels my neighbor received and enjoyed them very much.

Mrs. E. Strickler
Milford, Ohio

Dear Susan,
It was really ironic that we had a letter ready to mail to our relatives about Max Meadows. The McGavock house was built by James McGavock who died in 1912, My father-in-law, Calvin G. Tilly, Sr. and wife Annie Crigger Kincer lived in that house about 1916. Two of my husband's sisters were born there. Also my mother-in-law ran the central office (telephone office) while living in that house.

My mother and father-in-law were married in the Bethel Methodist Church at String Town in 1908 by W.S. Lyons. I am enclosing a picture of them.

Annie Jane Crigger Kincer. Sept. 16, 1888 - Sept. 14, 1970.Annie Jane Crigger Kincer. Sept. 16, 1888 - Sept. 14, 1970. Calvin Graham Tilley Sr. - March 3, 1891 - June 17, 1982.Calvin Graham Tilley Sr. - March 3, 1891 - June 17, 1982.

V.C. Tilly
Mullins, West Virginia