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The Mail Box - August, 1991

Issue: August, 1991

Dear Readers,
We recently discontinued our toll free 800 telephone number. It seemed we were getting more wrong number calls (Mountain Laurel Resort in Pennsylvania, Mountain Laurel Chalets in western North Carolina, etc.) than real calls and, of course, we had to pay for them. Discontinuing the toll free service will save at least several hundred dollars a month (a substantial amount to our tight budget).

If you need to call about your subscription, please call us collect. Our regular phone number is 703-228-7282. We hope this does not inconvenience you.

Thank you,
Susan M. Thigpen, Editor

Dear Folks,
I enjoy this magazine so very much. I am from Pulaski, Va. Spent two weeks there in June. Enjoyed the beautiful greenery, plenty of water and the great hospitality of the wonderful people.

Keep up the good work and I'll enjoy your articles.

C. Young
Los Angeles, California

Mtn. Laurel Staff, Publishers, etc.,
Love and best wishes for continued success! We subscribed and loved Mtn. Laurel years ago from Meadows of Dan and then lost touch and couldn't find you here. Even rode and enjoyed tours when working our monthly business route in area, so we were really, really glad to find your ad on our vacation last week in the Blue Ridge Digest from Clyde, NC.

Z.F. Smith Family
Rock Hill, South Carolina

Dear Folks at The Mountain Laurel,
I am renewing our subscription for another year. We enjoy the stories, try the recipes and often a drive in the area.

We are retired and eliminating a few papers and magazines, but not The Mountain Laurel.

Our little 97 year old Aunt, born and lived near Stuart, Va., is being cared for by my brother and sister-in-law. She is really a little mountain lady. She has been with us here near Asheboro for the past few years. She visits the nursing homes and sings for the patients. On one visit, nursing home personnel thought my brother was kidnapping that old lady from the facility.

Best Wishes,

A.C. Routh
Franklinville, North Carolina

Dear Ms. Thigpen,
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I began reading the complimentary copy of the June, 1991 issue of "The Mountain Laurel at page one, word one. Imagine my surprise and delight when I reached page twelve - The story of Dad's riding that cow home, written by my little brother Sam! I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I simply love "The Mountain Laurel"; I've read every word three times. I think my father would enjoy it as well.

Would you please accept this as two subscription requests, one for Dad and one for me?

In addition, would you please send me two copies of the June 1991 issue. I would like them for Dad and Samuel. Yes, I'm too selfish to share my copy; like another of your readers, I plan to have a nice collection of "The Mountain Laurel" to pass to my grandchildren.

B.J. Trent
Brandon, Florida

Dear Mt. Laurel,
Please start sending me your paper - I love it, as I'm from Rural Retreat. My uncle in Salem copies some of the pages for me sometimes and mails them to me, but I want to read the entire paper each month!


N. Grubb
Seminole, Florida