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The Mail Box - June, 1984

Issue: June, 1984

Dear Ms. Thigpen,

About 6 weeks ago, my husband and I were riding through Bassett, Va. and I picked up a copy of The Mountain Laurel. I didn't get to read it for 3 or 4 days. My goodness, what a surprise. This is a terrific paper. Most "hometown" papers are full of gossip but your writers really have done some very interesting articles. I feel like I know "Uncle Wallace Hall", "Tommy Cockram" and many others just from the stories. I would really love to meet them.

We are looking for a place to buy somewhere in the mountains. We are both from the coast of North Carolina but we have traveled all over the United States. We have seen most of the mountain ranges and the Canadian Rockies. There is none to compare with the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the spring and fall there is nothing so beautiful.

Hopefully we will find a place soon so we can spend some time there. Two really terrific ladies have spent many hours showing us around Henry, Patrick and Floyd Counties - Wanda Ingraham from Bassett and Peggy Worley from Woolwine.


Pat Burton
Durham N.C.

[Dear Editor,]

I collect and research old bank notes particularly National Currency, issued by national banks in the U.S. from 1863- 1935. I'm trying to find notes from Stuart, Va. and Mount Airy, N.C. in particular, but I'm always looking for old paper money. Many people think the old notes are worthless, but they're still legal tender for their face value. However, quite a few are worth a premium to collectors like me. The sad news in that once they are redeemed, they are destroyed.

I would appreciate hearing from people about these old bank notes.

Thank you,

Bob Cochran
c/o Hewlett-Packard
13001 Hollenberg Drive
Bridgeton, Mo. 63044

Dear Mountain Laurel Staff,

Just wanted to let you know I received 6 copies of your paper. My wife's brother, Jim Reynolds sent them to us and we both have read and reread in case we missed something the first time. See, we both were born and raised in Meadows of Dan. One of the copies had a story about my dad, Jonah Puckett by John Hassell Yeatts. I had never heard the story before and loved it. In fact, we knew most of the people you write about.

Thank you for some good reading. Enclosed is a check for a year's subscription for me and one for my daughter who also lives in Indiana.

Edwin Puckett
Portage, In.

Dear Susan,

Words could never express how much I enjoy and look forward to my copy of The Mountain Laurel each Month.

Even though I do not know many of the contributors, some of them I do. Also, their subjects. I shall never forget all the wonderful mountain people with whom I was acquainted during the seven years that I lived in Meadows of Dan. God bless them all.


Kayt Linville
Kernersville, N.C.

Kayt Linville was a friend and neighbor of mine when she lived here at Meadows of Dan. She moved after the death of her husband, Buck Linville, a wonderful man. We were sorry to see you move, Kayt and I enjoyed hearing from you once again.

Susan Thigpen

[Dear Editor,]

Velma Baldwin is doing research in the Fancy Gap, Cana, Pipers Gap, Va. and Mount Airy, N.C. area about the Shawnee and maybe some Cherokee Indians and the big battle on Fancy Gap Mountain at a knob in the year around 1886. She would like to hear from anybody having information about this interesting story. You can get in touch with her at:

Velma Baldwin
Rt. 2, Box 283
Fries, Va. 24330