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The Mailbox - August, 1984

Issue: August, 1984

Dear Editor,

A friend in Blacksburg, Va. sent me a copy of The Mountain Laurel which I like so much I'm enclosing a year's subscription. Reading the stories brought nostalgic memories for I grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, N.C.

My paternal ancestors came from England to Va., then migrated as pioneers to settle in the Blue Ridge Mountains of N.C. So, I'm very much a "product" of the Blue Ridge Mountains although I've been here since 1963.

Most sincerely,

P. Corn
Columbus, Ga.

Editor's Note...I wish space would have permitted us to print the drawing Ms. Corn sent of her imaginary log house on "Old Rocky Creek."

Dear Sirs:

Please send me another July issue of The Mountain Laurel because I tore off some of the Backroads tour to send my name and when my subscription would expire. I take everyone of your tours. I have a chalet at Skyline Lakes in Fancy Gap, Va.

My wife is from Lambsburg, Va., right off the Pipers Gap road. Her name was Romaine Stewart. I love your newspaper and I love the mountains. Keep it up. Your newspaper is the greatest.


H.E. Poindexter
Kernersville, N.C.

Dear Sir:

I wish to subscribe to The Mountain Laurel for one year. Enclosed is a check for $6.00. I bought your paper while visiting in Gatlinburg, Tenn., recently and I enjoyed it very much. I am a "native Virginian" and plan to return to the state to live in Jan. 1985. Although I come from the eastern part of the state, Bowling Green, there is no place so beautiful as the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I have traveled the world over and seen much beauty, but none can compare with the getting back to "God's Country"—our very own Blue Ridge Mountains.

Thank you.


R.E. Pitts
Columbia, S.C.

Dear Editors,

I can't believe a year has already gone by, but enclosed is my two year renewal. I'd hate to see the months go by without your Laurel, or should I say our Laurel. I especially enjoy the old pictures of Aunt Addie Wood and her stories. There were so many relatives and friends in them. Get Aunt Addie to tell you some of her stories she used to tell us as children spending the summer with her and Grandma Wood.

Thanks for a wonderful stroll down memory lane.

L. Davidson
Suffolk, Va.

Dear Mountain Laurel,

Please find enclosed check to extend my subscription for 2 more years. Thank you.

We are delighted with The Mountain Laurel and sad we missed out on the first issues you published, but certainly don't plan on missing any more.

M.S. Bakke
Callaway, Va.

Mt. Laurel,

Thank you so much for your paper. It is pretty hot in Florida and this paper seems to cool us off. Ha. Hope to visit in Virginia soon.

Thanks again.

R. Stoneman
Tampa, Fla.

Dear Readers,

We like to print old time recipes. If any of you would like to send us any, we'd love to get them. As a person who loves good food, I'd hate to think of a good recipe lost to the ages!

Susan Thigpen, Editor