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The Mail Box - February, 1985

Issue: February, 1985

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much our family appreciates you publishing the story which appeared in the November issue on "Old Time Turkey Drives".

The story was about my grandfather, Trever Marshall, who would have been 86 years old November 24, but departed this life November 4, shortly after your paper came out.

He did however, get to see the article before he passed away and enjoyed it very much.

Again, we would like to thank you for your kindness in publishing this article. We enjoy your paper very much and will treasure this issue forever.


Joyce Cromer
Floyd, Virginia

Dear Mt. Laurel,

A year or so ago my Dad brought home a copy of your Mountain Laurel. We all enjoyed it so much he subscribed to it. Now when my parents finish a copy, it is passed on to me and then on to an elderly neighbor of my parents.

Last Christmas Eve I read aloud several articles from your paper. That Christmas Eve was the best I can remember. My two boys agree.

In October, my younger son, my grandmother and I drove up to Meadows of Dan. On the way we stopped at Mabry Mill. Reading your paper made us long to see your beautiful part of the country. It was a day we will never forget.

Ever since I can remember, I have longed to live in the mountains. I was born and raised in Danville, Va. I have visited the Blue Ridge only a couple of times but that special day we visited your beautiful part of the country will always be remembered. If I could pick any place in the world to live it would not be Hawaii or Rome or Paris. It would be your beautiful part of the world.

Each copy of your wonderful paper brings us closer until we can again come your way.

Yours truly,

K. Collins
Danville, Virginia

Dear Sir,

I read The Mountain Laurel from cover to cover and look forward with much anticipation to receiving it each month. From your wonderful articles on the early settlers of your area, I try to visualize myself back in those times with neighbors who care for and help each other. I see green farmland with lots of big open space, the quietness of a running stream, the stillness of everyday living without six lane highways and never knowing one's neighbor. Living to me is a place like the Meadows of Dan with the peace, quiet and tranquility you describe.

Thank you for such wonderful articles. Have a Joyous 1985.


J. Stokenbury
Stockton, California

Dear Mt. Laurel,

I picked up a copy of The Mountain Laurel at one of the local barber shops here in Greensboro this afternoon. While waiting, I read almost every word from the front page to back page. Each and every article was most interesting.

I have had a house on the old road from the Meadows of Dan store to Mt. Airy for many years. It was formerly the residence of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Reynolds (Also Mr. and Mrs. I.D. Reynolds), and it is located approximately one mile South of the intersection of Hwy 58 and the Parkway. I have always enjoyed going up there for a day or two, during the warm months but have not had an opportunity to be up there much for the past two years.

Reading The Mountain Laurel brought back many good memories.

My personal check is enclosed for a two year subscription.

Best wishes for much success with The Mountain Laurel.


A.H. Watkins
Greensboro, N.C.

Dear Editor,

My very best Christmas gift of 1983 was The Mountain Laurel. I read it cover to cover. I don't want to miss the rest of Elizabeth's journal so am renewing my subscription for another year. I was raised in the Brown Hill section of Franklin County, Va. between Henry and Ferrum. My husband is from Callaway and his family still lives there. Keep those old timey stories coming. I love them.

Mrs. C. Feazelle
Stanfield, N.C.

Laurel Publications,

Please send us your special 32 page collection of the Backroads Tours.

We have thoroughly enjoyed your most interesting newspaper.

My husband and I have just bought a house in Floyd and now look forward to spending all our spare time there.

Our best wishes for another successful year.


G.E. Daughtridge
Ahoskie, N.C.

Dear Sirs,

Please send a copy of the 32 page Backroads Tours to the following address.

By the way, I am a subscriber and avid reader of The Mountain Laurel. Your collection of oral histories and folk knowledge are remarkable. Keep up the good work!

J.L. Morrow, Ph.D.
Chicago, Illinois